Scossa’s Cow Camp

Located midway between Silver Mountain City and the settlement at Silver Creek, the Scossa Brothers Cow Camp was established as a summer livestock range by four brothers, who were born in Switzerland and came to America in the 1870s settling in Alpine County. In the summer of 1880 they were residing on the property and noted their occupations as “packing wood with mules,” undoubtedly for the smelters at the mills. By the turn of the 19th century they had turned to farming and ranching, establishing ranches in Diamond Valley and the Carson Valley southwest of Gardnerville, Nevada, which they still operate today. Joseph, another member of the family, established a farm on the Markleeville Road, where he and his wife, Katie, raised six children.

The simple board and batten buildings at the Scossa Brothers Cow Camp were erected by the Isabella Mining Company of London, located in front of their Isabella Boarding House (no longer standing), a residence for the miners at Silver Creek and a popular stage stop on the Turnpike road.

Cottonwood, Quaking Aspen, and Willow grow along Silver Creek, making for exquisite fall foliage, as do summer wildflowers. The white and gray tuff columns north of the road are remnants of volcanic ash, hardened by water and time.

Take Note: This site is private property; please do not enter.

  • Elevation: 6,200 ft.
  • Mile Marker: 51.5/9.5
  • GPS Coordinates: 38 36 56N -119 45 30W
  • Service Available: History