Sandy Meadow

The corrals at Sandy Meadow are a spring and fall disbursing and collecting place for the livestock operations of the lessees of the summer ranges on this section of the Stanislaus National Forest. Families from the foothill elevations of Calaveras County have been bringing their livestock to the high country during the summer months since 1849, a practice known as transhumance. This practice was imperative to maintaining the foothill ranches, as the grasses on the home places dried out and the livestock would be driven to the higher elevations in the spring to graze in the mountain meadows, to be collected and returned in the early fall.

Cow camps were established in most of the larger meadows, and the majority of geographic names on the mountains, meadows, and creeks in the area were derived from those early day ranchers. There are a few parking places at the corral. A trailhead for Wheeler Lake, Frog Lake, and Sandy Meadow departs here from the other side of the highway.

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