Sierra Pass Status Update for 2019 Memorial Day Weekend

The latest from Cal Trans:

Our passes continue to be impacted by additional snowfall, likely with more to come this weekend. Caltrans primary goal is public safety, and each pass is re-evaluated daily for storm closure, additional damage or reopening.

WINTER CLOSURES In place until further notice:
State Route 4 (Ebbetts Pass)
State Route 89 (Monitor Pass) closed due to weather.
State Route 108 (Sonora Pass)
State Route 120W (Tioga Pass)
State Route 203 (Reds Meadow) CRESTVIEW REST AREA is open.

Before, during and after continuing storms, Caltrans, along with other agencies, are out on the roads working to keep the traveling public safe. Debris, snow, and sand, blown by winds can pose a significant threat on the roadway. The traveling public is advised to drastically slow down and proceed with caution. Be mindful of Caltrans crews, and that of other responders working along your travel route. Inattentiveness on the road can have tragic consequences.