Seasonal Roads and Trails on Stanislaus National Forest Closed December 16, 2019

SONORA, Calif. — Seasonal road and trail closures on the Stanislaus National Forest began Dec. 16 and will remain in effect until April 14, 2020.

The free STF Motor Vehicle Use Map, or MVUM, indicates which roads and trails will be closed and may be picked up at any ranger district office, or by visiting STF’s maps webpage at Please note if the MVUM identifies a road as closed, regardless whether a gate is closed and locked, it is closed for the season. Additionally, roads identified in the MVUM as being open may be hazardous due to local weather conditions, such as snow or fallen trees. Drivers and hikers are urged to be prepared for hazards caused by hazard trees.

In addition to road closures, many motorized trails at elevations of 3,000 feet and higher closed Dec. 16 for the season as well. Roads and motorized trails in below 3,000 feet are open all year.

On the Calaveras Ranger District, only the White Pines Lake/Sierra Logging Museum Trailhead (with access to the Arnold Rim Trail), Upper Valley View Trailhead and the San Domingo Trail are open for winter hiking. All other trails are closed for the season.

Be advised that forest roads are not maintained for winter or wet weather use. Use caution and drive defensively when traveling on open roads in the forest through the winter. Rocks, snow and ice may be encountered in the roadway. Wet, saturated roadbeds are easily damaged, which can require costly repairs to roads and adjacent resources. Snow, ice, rocks, and debris may be in travel way. Please contact your local ranger district office for current information on road conditions before traveling on the forest.

Stanislaus NF Supervisor’s Office: 209-532-3671

Calaveras Ranger District: 209-795-1381

Groveland Ranger District 209-962-7825

Summit Ranger District at 209-965-3434