Pass Clearing Update from CalTrans on 5.6.2024

ALPINE COUNTY – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) continues to make good progress clearing Ebbetts Pass this season. Our Woodfords and Camp Connell Maintenance crews are now only miles apart from each other with their snow
removal operations on State Route 4.

Over the weekend our maintenance crews encountered up to twelve inches of fresh snow on Ebbetts Pass. However, Caltrans was able to keep the State Route 4 closure gates located at Raymond Meadows and Lake Alpine to allow increased public access for recreation activities along Ebbetts Pass. Last week the Caltrans Woodfords crew were able to clear approximately four miles of roadway cresting the summit to reach out past Kinney Reservoir, and our Camp Connell crew were able to reach the Pacific Creek Bridge.

With our Woodfords and Camp Connell maintenance crews now only miles apart in their snow removal operations, Caltrans anticipates formally reopening State Route 4 to
traffic in the coming weeks. While Caltrans cannot specify the exact date Ebbetts Pass
will reopen to traffic for the season, we will however be providing weekly pass clearing
updates to the public.

For the latest road closure and highway conditions visit or call our Caltrans Road Condition Hotline at 1-800-427-ROAD.

Caltrans urges motorists to still use caution while driving the Sierra Mountain pass routes and watch for icy road surfaces in the overnight and early morning hours. For helpful information on winter driving conditions click on the link below:

For the safety of workers and other motorists, please Be Work Zone Alert and Move Over to give Caltrans snow removal equipment room to work.

Visit Caltrans on Facebook for more updates.