Cal Waste Recovery Systems & Waste Management

The Vaccarezza family remains dedicated to creating a company that is a progressive force in the solid waste industry while ensuring their customers receive the highest level of service.

The Vaccarezzas don’t simply own a business, their business becomes part of the community.  You will find a Vaccarezza at many local events, supporting the needs of those they serve.  From carving a turkey at a free community dinner to riding in a parade on an antique fire truck, you can be certain that the Vaccarezza family lives the company culture and encourages their team to do the same.

Dave, Casey, and Rudy are grateful for the many employees, customers, and vendors that have supported Cal-Waste through the last century.  Each, in their own way, has helped champion Cal-Waste’s tradition of innovation and passionate commitment to the environment.  It is with this team and circle of friends Cal-Waste will continue to pioneer advancements for the next 100 years, reducing waste in landfills, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving the natural resources that benefit our environment and the communities we serve.

Today, the Vaccarezzas employ over 200 locals, and operate a modern fleet of energy efficient trucks.