Alpine Snowmobile Center

Welcome to The Snowmobile Center for northern California – the only complete snowmobile operation in Bear Valley and the Hwy 4 corridor. From the time the roads in Bear Valley are closed to automobile traffic with the first snow, usually in mid to late November, the village roads are groomed to make way for snowmobiling throughout the area. The roads stay closed until the spring run off in late April/May.

This snowmobile only community is unique in the United States and home to many alpine sports including some of the best snowmobiling in the country, outstanding alpine skiing at Bear Valley Mountain, excellent cross country skiing at Bear Valley Cross Country & Adventure Co, awesome ATV tours at Bear Valley ATV Rental, and snowshoeing, hiking, and much more.

New Snowmobiles
Are you looking for a new snowmobile? Look no further. We have access to the best selection of new sleds and through our DMV brokers license we can assist you with the acquisition of a new Ski-Doo snowmobile – at a great price. Our sleds come from all over northern California and the west so we are not constrained by whatever is left in inventory. If you have a particular need, let us know. We can probably help you find it.

Deciding between a four stroke and a two stroke? Keep in mind 4 strokes are quieter, do not burn oil and have better gas mileage (25mile/gal vs 15miles/gal). AND they are only 5lb heavier than a comparable 2 stroke Ski-Doo. This is good news for your fuel/oil bill and the environment. (Head’s up Bear Valley residents: ask about our BVBA discount!)

Used Snowmobiles
Around the middle to late part of the season, we will begin selling some of our rental fleet. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing one of these great deals. You have the assurance that they have been maintained by the best mechanics to exacting standards.