Alpine County Back in the Orange!

From the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce on February 2nd, 2021:

It was announced today that Alpine County has been moved from the Red tier into the less restrictive Orange Tier in the California Color-Coded County Tier System. We have the best numbers in the state and join Trinity and Sierra Counties as the only 3 counties in the state in the Orange Tier. Mariposa is in the Red Tier, and all other counties are still in the Purple Tier.

To read the full public health brief from Dr. Johnson, click here>> The health brief includes industry guidance, information about how we can move to the even less restrictive yellow tier, and where we are in the vaccination process.

Dr. Johnson credits the community for using “the tools in our toolkit to prevent COVID-19 illness in our community, including masking, social distancing, handwashing, and minimizing gatherings, especially indoors.” He adds, “I also applaud businesses as they do everything they can to protect both their employees and their customers.” 

Great work Alpine County! Keep it up – our long-term success is dependent upon continued vigilance, cooperation, and patience.