Aspen Groves

Located between Kinney Reservoir and Upper Cascade Falls are several large groves of Quaking Aspen trees, which put on a spectacular display of fall color.

The Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) is a deciduous tree that grows in cooler climates. Because of the way the leaves are attached to the branch, they seem to quake or tremble in the breeze, making a soft fluttering sound. The quaking aspen rarely grows from a seed, but usually propagates from roots. Whole groves are actually clones of one plant; all the trees in the grove share identical characteristics and share one root system. Aspen groves are the most threatened ecosystem in the Sierra due to grazing, fire suppression and the encroachment of conifers, making these two groves even more extraordinary.

Take Note: Call the U.S. Forest Service at (209) 795-1381 or the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center at (530) 694-2475 to find out when the ideal time is to capture the peak of fall colors, which depending upon the season can range from late September to mid October.

  • Elevation: 8,054 ft.
  • Mile Marker: 46.2/14.8 to 45.7/15.3
  • GPS Coordinates: 38 34 5N -119 48 21W
  • Service Available: Picnicking, Botanical