Bear Valley Music Festival

Think music! Summer is almost here… If you don’t have your Festival tickets yet, scroll down to browse this summer’s selection.

Select from our tributes to Fleetwood Mac, Motown and Queen. If you like country music, look no further — Hal Ketchum sings his own top hits on Opening Night (July 21). Fans of Beethoven will get a triple treat with his most thrilling string quartet (Opus 132 including the Große Fuge) on July 23, his immortal Symphony No. 6 (“Pastorale”) on July 28 and his last (and greatest) piano concerto (“Emperor”).

Drive up for the weekend or stay for the whole Festival. Let the music elevate you more than 7,000 feet!

All evening concerts now offer a pre-concert barbecue meal at the tent and round-trip shuttle service from Forest Meadows, Arnold, and Dorrington. To reserve a shuttle ride or purchase a barbecue meal, please choose those options at the end of your order when purchasing online, or call 209-813-0554.